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Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

icon-about-usHow We Started

Back in 1997 Peterborough didn't have a support group specifically for people with breast cancer so, from very humble beginnings in the front room of a house, three ladies began to meet and Peterborough Breast Cancer Support group was born.

Anyone who has been affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer or undergone breast surgery, regardless of race, gender or religion, is very welcome to come along to our group which is purely a support/self-help group run by and for women who have had breast cancer/surgery.




These are just a few members from our friendship and support group in May 2017.

After welcoming our friend Joy Keys who always comes to see us on your travels

from New Zealand when visiting family in Peterborough...


We're a friendly bunch and welcome anyone to our meetings - we don't bite!


Our Meetings

We have a mixture of open and speaker meetings:

The speaker meetings have ranged from underwear and swimwear companies, a travelling storyteller, Tai Chi, Feeling and Looking Good, etc. etc.

Most of us in the group know that it can be daunting to go along to that first meeting especially if you don't know anyone. Please ring one of us (from our contact page) if you are uncertain about coming by yourself and we'll make sure that we either meet you in the foyer of the hotel or, if you live near one of us, we'll give you a lift. Alternatively, you might prefer to come along with a friend or female relative for support.

If you'd like to attend The PBCSG meet:
When? On the first Thursday of each month
Where? At the Holiday Inn (formerly Peterborough Moat House Hotel), Thorpe Wood Road, Peterborough
What time? Between 7.00pm- 9.00pm February-December inclusive. (No meeting in January).
£1 subscription paid on the day. There is free parking with disabled access available within the hotel.

Keep up to date with our meeting/functions with our Facebook page - LIKE us here.

Not just women!

Having said that we are a support group for women who have breast cancer, we mustn't forget that it can also affect men, although it is rare. 

Fewer than 300 cases are diagnosed each year in the U.K, compared with over 38,000 cases of breast cancer in women. That's about one man for every 130 women diagnosed. Most of the information aimed at women is relevant for men with breast cancer because the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are very similar. The emotional and psychological impact though will be different and finding support may not be as easy simply because of the rarity of the disease in men. 

Group Personality

We offer each other mutual support and encouragement, including lots of laughter! One of the amazing things is that there are many of us who have become close friends as a result of going to the group.

Typically we range in age from early 30's to middle 70's and the vast majority of us lead full and active lives since our diagnosis. We have women in our group who are newly diagnosed, going through treatment or who are 15 years plus down the road. Although we have 70+ members we normally have around 15-20 people at any one meeting.

We realise the group might not suit everyone and people will always dip in and out as and when they feel they need to which is what it's all about. We hope that for those people who don't or can't come to our group that this website will go some small way in letting you know that there are a great many organisations out there that can offer help.

Breast Care Nurses

We are extremely lucky that our two local Breast Care nurses are committed to our group and attend our meetings.

They provide the group with relevant up to date information and a wealth of experience.

Most people coming for the first time will have already met one of the Breast Care Nurses in the clinic.

If you need to contact them their direct line is 01733 673061 (answer machine) and the Breast Unit on 01733 673057 (secretary) and they aim to return your call within two working days, however this is dependent on the number of requests of contact. If it is important for you to speak to them the same day call the hospital switchboard on 01733 678000 and ask them to bleep 1315.

Breast Care Fashion Show

The Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show is always held in October in London.

This high profile event raises many thousands of pounds for Breast Cancer Care with two shows being held; one an afternoon tea show and the other a black tie evening event both attracting many famous faces and celebrities.

In 2003 one of our group members was lucky enough to be chosen as a model for this prestigious show that was held at The Hilton Hotel, London. And in 2004 another member was chosen and attended at The Grosvenor Hotel, London.

Then in 2005 eight members of our group (one of whom was the model from 2003) decided to support the event by attending the afternoon tea show. They decided to do it in style by hiring a pink stretch limo called 'Pinky' from a company in Stamford, Lincolnshire. They had an absolutely amazing response from everyone they passed all the way down to London and when they actually drew up outside the hotel!


Private Forum

As mentioned under "National Support" there is a forum called BCPALS run by women who have had breast cancer.

They have created a private forum for our support group where we can have the opportunity to communicate with one another.

Please visit www.bcpals.org.uk for details on how to join. 


Monthly Newsletter to sign up to. 

If you can't make one of our meetings you can still stay up-to-date with our monthly newsletter. Sign up now so you don't miss out. They are all in pdf format for easy downloading. Visit our newsletter page.