Group Personality

We offer each other mutual support and encouragement, including lots of laughter! One of the amazing things is that there are many of us who have become close friends as a result of going to the group.

Typically we range in age from early 30's to middle 70's and the vast majority of us lead full and active lives since our diagnosis. We have women in our group who are newly diagnosed, going through treatment or who are 15 years plus down the road. Although we have 70+ members we normally have around 15-20 people at any one meeting.

We realise the group might not suit everyone and people will always dip in and out as and when they feel they need to which is what it's all about. We hope that for those people who don't or can't come to our group that this website will go some small way in letting you know that there are a great many organisations out there that can offer help.