After Treatment



Once you have finished treatment this can sometimes mean adjusting your life either in the short or long term.

After Treatment has finished:

Moving Forward Courses are available to all who survive the initial cancer diagnosis and treatment. Please talk to our Breast Care Nurses or your GP for a referral tothem, held at Macmillan Centre PCH.

After Treatment - There is also an excellent article by Dr Peter Harvey, retired lead consultant clinical psychologist for Oncology at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, who has kindly allowed us to include his article in our website. (Click here to read his article 'After Treatment' in pdf format)

After the treatment finishes - then what? (Dr Peter Harvey)
Of all the resources found here, the article by Peter Harvey which we have had on our website for several years, has been the one to which we most often send people. It addresses the period of the cancer trajectory which is often overlooked how it feels when the treatment finishes, and the issues of cancer survival.

We are now very fortunate to have a much extended version of this original article. Though still entitled When the Treatment Finishes, it addresses much more and will be useful to many who are still in the midst of treatment. Indeed, if you are a cancer patient, or someone close to a cancer patient, this group of short essays is for you. Dr Harvey has broken things down into small manageable chunks, so you can concentrate of the sections that feel most relevant whether you are experiencing the particular difficulties that come with cancer treatment, or are dealing with the impact of cancer on your life once hospital treatment has finished. Please visit the Cancer Councelling Trust website for more detail.