Disability Discrimination

icon-disabilitydiscriminationEmployment, Education and Housing and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Amended in 2005)

Cancer, along with multiple sclerosis and HIV/Aids is covered under the Disability Discrimination Act. The legislative website www.legislation.gov.uk provides information for both those affected by cancer and employers. It covers information on:

    Protection from discrimination from point of diagnosis
    Protection at work
    Protection in education
    Protection in housing

EMPLOY Charter - Breast Cancer Care

The EMPLOY Charter will provide employers with guidance on best practice supporting staff members who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer. It also sets out legal employment rights of cancer patients and corresponding responsibilities that fall to employers under the Disability Discrimination Act.

For further information download the leaflet here: Employ Charter

Macmillan Cancer Support also provides a leaflet "Working through Cancer - A guide for emloyees". This can be obtained via www.macmillan.org.uk or 0800 500 800