Young Women and Breast Cancer


Peterborough Breast Cancer Support Group for Younger Women.

This group has now amalgamated with Peterborough Breast Cancer Support Group.

They meet on the first Thursday of each month (except January) at 7-9pm at the Holiday Inn West, Thorpe Road, Peterborough.

Young Women and Breast Cancer

No one wants to hear that they have been diagnosed with breast cancer and the impact this may have on a younger person can be enormous. It very often highlights the different needs a younger woman has. You may have questions on the following:

    How and what to tell your children (if you have children)
    Informing the school
    Relationship with partner/family
    What happens if the chemotherapy affects your fertility
    Possible premature menopause
    Possible menopausal symptoms
    Body image and sexuality
    Hormone treatments and their effects
    Breast reconstruction
    Work issues
    Childcare issues

logo lavendertrustBreast Cancer Care
Breast Cancer Care has, as part of their website, an area specifically aimed at younger women called the Lavender Trust. They explore issues such as family and friends, children, physical effects, emotional impact etc. They also have booklets on their website on 'breast cancer and the younger woman' that can be accessed through their 'publications' section that are free to download.

Lavender Trust:
Telephone number: 0845 077 1893

logo-macimllan-teensMacmillan Cancer Support

logo-macimllan-teensMacmillan Cancer Support also have information for younger women ) which covers the following:

    Having tests and scans
    Being treated
    Cancer types
    I'm still me!