Special Needs


  • Bras & Swimwear

    icon-brasAfter breast surgery it is understandable that you might be concerned about your appearance, or about wearing a prosthesis or different type of bra.

    Below are some companies that deal with these issues on a daily basis and can help you feel confident and comfortable in styles that cater for your individual needs.

    PCH holds its own prostetics fitting service for patients who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Referral to this service is via the Breat Clinic medical or Specialist Nurses or your GP.

  • Hair Loss

    Icon-hairlossLosing or thinning of your hair can be one of the most distressing things about your treatment for cancer. It's an extremely personal subject and people deal with it in many different ways; some prefer to wear a wig, some a hat or scarf and others may feel that they don't want to wear anything at all. The main thing is feeling comfortable with your decision on what or what not to wear. Wearing your special or favourite clothes or accessories may also sometimes help to lift you when you are not feeling at your best.

    If you are an NHS patient and you know you are going to have chemotherapy and will definitely lose your hair (not all chemotherapy treatments mean that you will lose your hair), a referral will be made for you to obtain a wig. Wigs are available through the National Health Service at Peterborough City Hospital at the current prescription charges. The hospital has a contract with a local company who has been in business for the last 25 years and they offer a wide selection of wigs.

  • Complementary Therapies

    icon-therapiesSome people like to use complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine but it can be a challenge trying to find a reputable practitioner. Always use therapists who observe a code of conduct. We have given a brief summary on some of the complementary therapies that are available and how to find a practitioner.

    It is important that you inform either your GP or oncologist that you are considering complementary therapies to ensure that they don't interfere with any treatment you may be receiving.


    Macmillan publishes a Directory of Complementary Therapies. A copy can be ordered by phone or web.
    Telephone: 01344 350310
    Website: www.macmillan.org.uk


    The Institute for Complementary Medicine is a UK registered charity that was formed in 1982 to provide the public with information on all aspects of the safe and best practice of Complementary Medicine through its practitioners, courses and research. The ICM administers the British Register of Complementary Practitioners (BRCP) which is a register of professional, competent practitioners who have all individually proved their competence to practice.
    Telephone: 020 7237 5165
    Website: http://icnm.org.uk/

  • Prosthesis
  • Holiday & Travel

    icon-holidaysHolidays, travelling and taking breaks away are a great way for some rest and relaxation no matter where you are in your treatment.

    Below is information on things to do for breast cancer or ideas brought about by breast cancer sufferers.