News & Donations

Icon-donationsIn the past donations by this group have been made for services & equipment to benefit breast cancer patients. These have included TV’s for use on the old hospital wards, DVD’s etc.

Currently we are working to join other cancer groups so we can have a dedicated centre where people can meet other sufferers at anytime of day to share experiences, hot drinks & ideas.

We have also collected money & donated some toward the acquisition of a specialized radiotherapy machine which is advantageous for all cancers in the chest & upper back regions of the body as it only delivers its rays when the person’s breathing is calculated into the machine thereby targeting the tumour precisely between breaths.

We have attended events where money is raised for breast cancer projects by our members who are also members of other groups.

PBCSG Leaflet

The PBCSG leaflet which goes into the Breast Care Unit’s new patient pack has been revised and updated.

The design, formatting and setting up the leaflet has been provided by Susan from Blue Monkey and the printering has been donated by the printers that Carole works for.

We are very fortunate to have the goodwill of these local businesses and are grateful for both their help and support.

Leaflet download.