November 2013

A good group of us gathered in the large Essex Room of The Holiday inn (West) for this meeting along with Lisa & Jane our Breast Cancer Support Nurses. We thank Rita and Gill for keeping our monthly meetings going at short notice.

Our Guest Speaker Nicola Mulkeen introduced herself & colleague, Gemma, both Physiotherapists working at PCH who see patients after breast surgery. Nicola outlined some of the conditions they help us overcome or cope with. A question and answer session followed. Next Nicola, ably assisted by Gemma, led us through a variety of Pilate’s stretches & exercises. Pilates is a body conditioning routine that is said to help build flexibility, muscle strength & endurance. It puts emphasis on spinal & pelvic alignment, breathing & developing a strong core or centre & improving coordination & balance.  Nicola holds classes at Preston’s Independent multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy & Health Centre on Tuesday evenings between 6 & 7pm generally for about 8 people. There is a short waiting list or she says if enough people want to join she is happy to start another regular weekly class.

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