May 2013

Welcome to Carol who attended our group for the first time and thank you to all other members who came to this meeting, it was great seeing you all.
Our Guest Speaker was Gaynor who began by telling us that Colour Analysis started in America where the Fashion Industry used it in photo-shoots to help make models look their best; this then came to the UK in the 1980’s. Gaynor showed us her colour wheel which indicated the Light, Bright & Warm colours of Spring; the Cool, Light & Muted colours of Summer; the Warm, Deep & Muted tones of Autumn and Winter’s Bright, Deep and Cool colours. She explained that when you know and wear colours that are most flattering to you, you look your best and feel more confident. She then demonstrated how some of the colours suited or clashed with certain others & checked out the colours which suited some members. Gaynor recommended the Kettlewell Colours catalogue for clothes, which we all got the chance to view. She quoted a statistic that 70% of clothes sold in the UK were black-what does that say about us?

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