October 2013

Our October meeting turned out to be busy despite Psychotherapist Mimi having to cancel because her Mum was ill. Members welcomed Pat, Margaret, Belinda and Lynne to the group.

Val opened the meeting with the news that Denise had been admitted to Hospital with a heart attack, ended up in Papworth having a stent fitted and was now at home. Being Denise she had remained upbeat about it all but it was a shock to everyone who knows her. At the moment she feels very tired and has been referred to Cardiac Rehabilitation sessions for the next month. Val had taken her a bouquet on our behalf and there was a thank you card from Denise who sends her love.

Gill distributed a draft survey from Healthwatch Peterborough who hopes in time to develop more cancer support services for patients and is currently working with staff from the Robert Horrell Centre on the feasibility of using the centre’s facilities.

Member’s provided some useful insights into wording and layout of questions as well as feedback on types of activities.

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