September 2013

The meeting was very well attended and additional chairs had to be brought in, all four Breast Care Nurses attended and were able to clarify issues as well as the doctors, we also appreciate their time.

Welcome to any new members, sorry I don’t know your names at this point to give you an individual welcome but that information is with Denise but we do hope you will join us again and look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

Our next meeting on 3rd October was supposed to be attended my Mimi Kilgour a psychotherapist who some of you will remember her very informative talk she gave earlier this year.  Unfortunately she won’t be attending as her mother is ill.

Instead Gill Metcalf would like to share a survey that will soon be going out to cancer groups and carers.  The survey is asking about what activities in your experience would be most useful at diagnosis, through treatment and recovery.

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