March 2014

We were pleased to see the return of Psychotherapist Mimi Kilgour. Mimi, who donates her time freely to the group, previously ran a workshop looking at the individual impact of a cancer diagnosis. This time she was looking at how to deal with family emotions.

Mimi used the simple analogy of a boat with everyone close to us in it that is rocked by a sudden wave and the effect that has on everyone aboard. In the same way a cancer diagnosis will at the least cause anxiety and sometimes fear for family, friends and to some extent in the wider environment such as work colleagues and neighbours.  

There was a very positive response to Mimi’s workshop providing the opportunity for us to express our feelings and share our experiences.  Mimi also provided a comprehensive hand out on Effective Communication Within the Family, giving examples of different ways to communicate. Mimi ended by saying that she offered two free sessions to any member of the Group who wanted it, in memory of her dear friend Carol who was the Groups founder member.  

A patient leaflet about a Community Cancer Nursing Pilot was circulated for comment.  Vanessa explained that this was a two-year project involving caring for people in the community with a cancer diagnosis.  

Denise reported that the Breast Cancer Support Group Leaflet was due for a reprint and that Carole who works at a printers said she'd ask the cost of printing 500 copies.

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