November 2014

Helen Manning, Yoga Teacher with special interests in cancer, thanked Denise for the invitation and the opportunity to talk to the group about the benefits of Yoga. She informed the Group that researchers in America had identified Yoga as one of three complimentary therapies that had provided most benefit to cancer patients. Women with breast cancer have been found to be amongst the highest users.

Yoga deals with the mind, body and spirit and is known to be calming for those who practice it and helpful in treating symptoms of mood disorders that are highly common among people with a recent diagnosis. After removing our shoes Helen then took us through a range of controlled movements with an emphasis on the spine, breathing techniques and visualisation.

Our attention was then turned to organising our Christmas party, which will be on Thursday 4th December. This year we do NOT need to bring secret Santa gift as we are wrapping up the unsold gifts from Val’s Strawberry Tea Tombola Table.

Val reported that the presentation of the Group’s cheque to the Radiotherapy department was arranged for Tuesday 11th at 2.30pm. Margaret and Mandy volunteered to attend, Rita and Pat also said they wished to attend. 

Margaret had designed a floral bouquet for Rita to cheer her up and to say ‘thank you’ for her time as Joint Co-ordinator.

It was agreed that our social event would be a trip to the Key Theatre Studio to see ‘The mystery of St Finnigans Elbow’ which is ‘the wacky alternative to the usual Christmas show’ and preformed by the Eastern Angles. We decided to try and arrange a booking for Thursday 29th January 7.45pm–10ish. Tickets are £12.00 or £10.50 for over 60’s.

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