July 2015

It was a full and busy meeting in July with much to discuss starting with thanks from Jane Bradley for the donations towards her sky dive in aid of Thorpe Hall.

Strawberry Tea: We presented Val with a rather fine Dahlia plant for her lovely garden, as a thank you for all her hard work on the annual Strawberry Tea event of which £423.00 had been raised.

We welcomed Joy Keys from Malaysia to the meeting (She first contacted us through Susan on our facebook page) who is a great traveller and lives in Malaysia. It was on a visit to New Zealand earlier this year that Joy first discovered her breast lump. Joy is now a member of ‘Breast Cancer Survivors and Warriors’ and remains on Letrozole. She recommended Reiki and Reflexology after Chemotherapy. Joy  shared her story with us...Joy is now a member of 'Breast Cancer Survivors and Warriors'.

fashionshowBeales Fashion Show: the VIP event was held on 14th July- Jenny, Val, Jayshee, Mandy and Margaret volunteered to model the clothes. The event was more successful than we could imagine and here are the photo’s to prove it!....

Well Being Day: Rachel attended this event held at Peterborough City Hospital.  Everyone there were at different stages of treatment or recovery. 

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