February 2016

Denise welcomed everyone to the groups first meeting in 2016. Collectively we all had vast insights and experiences into the cancer journey which was happily shared to support and inform our new members. 

Prosthesis: The experience of using prosthesis after mastectomy became a hot topic for discussion.

Therapeutic Break: Rosemary wanted to promote the ‘Casting for Recovery’ activity which she, Jayshree, Jenny & Val took part in last year. The experience of being looked after and pampered had been very therapeutic. 

Moving On Course: Rachel said she had referred to the ‘Moving On’ course being run at the Robert Horrell Centre due to the stress of working in Oncology. The course had been highly recommended in the past by Margaret who had found it of considerable benefit.

Summer Strawberries: Val was asked if she would be organising another Strawberry Tea fundraising event this year. A provisional date was agreed for 25th June.

AOB: Deborah asked if anyone had tried the ‘cold cap’ to stop hair loss. Val asked if anyone knew of an accountant willing to audit the group’s accounts. Denise reminded the group that we would be meeting with CROCUS sometime this year to share ideas and experiences. CROCUS is the head and neck cancer group who meet at the Woodman pub up the road

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