September 2016

This was an open meeting to discuss opportunities and issues for PBCSG over coming year (2017) and whether to change the format for our meetings.

Breast Care Nurses: Breast Care Nurses have been struggling to regularly attend our meetings due to staff shortages. Claire had contacted Denise to suggest they come along for the first half hour 7.00pm – 7.30pm, to provide the opportunity to answer any open or private questions.

Drop-In Event: The drop-in event at the Robert Horrell Macmillan Cancer Centre on 10th August had given us food for thought. Headstart are planning weekly sessions at the Centre. Talking to the Centre’s project management it was found that they also plans to set up specific cancer support groups including one for breast cancer; which will run for a year. This implied that the new membership for PBCSG would dwindle! read more...

Crokus: Gill had had a chat with the Crokus Group who organised various activities & events for members throughout the year, which everyone present agreed was a good idea worth trying. 

Helen suggested an activity every other month such as a pizza or a drink. Val did not think we should abandon the hotel and thought any activities should take place after 8.00pm. Rosemary said if we did we could spend the time doing craft stuff which we could sell to raise money.

We decided to draw up a rough list of suggestions for 2017 taking on board that the Breast Cancer Nurses will always attend between 7.00 – 7.30pm except in January.

AOB: Jaysee had raised £16 from the Rowing Lake walk, which is something we will repeat next year.

Olive has been moved to the Elms at Whittlesey to help with her recovery following her accident. Both Val and Denise had spoken to Sarah, who said Olive can now walk with help and she is hoping to get her home in the next 2 weeks.

Helen is picking up emails off the PBCSG website, Gill will contact Susan to find out how she can access them too.

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