February 2017

We started our first meeting for 2017 with an information update from Lisa our Breast Care Support Nurse: Vanessa is now the Unit Manager, new Breast Care Support Nurse is Claire Snowden, Mr Goh is now the lead consultant, Mr Abdullah having semi-retired, and supported by Mrs Shetty, Mr Mathew and part time by Mr Rezulski.

Different breast reconstruction techniques are being introduced: a pioneering new approach is using pigskin. The pigskin graft works like an internal bra, cradling the implant and allowing some of the natural droop of a normal breast. The graft, known as the Strattice graft, is pigskin stripped of all pig cells, so that the body doesn’t reject it. This gives a reconstructed breast which sits lower in the chest, giving it a nice curve and making it a much better match to the other breast.


Denise then welcomed Ann from Cambridge and Peterborough Learning Trust who had given up her evening to talk to us about Nail and Hand Therapies. She started with some tips and we tried various varnishes techniques. We also discovered nail ridges tend to occur with age and can be hidden with ridge filler prior to painting the nails. White spots occurring on the nails could be a sign of iron deficiency if all the nails are affected or an indicator of damage if just one nail involved. Denise thanked Ann for coming tonight and we all felt we had learned a lot.

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