September 2017

Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist: Claire brought along some copies of ‘Woman’s Own’ magazine with relevant articles about Breast Cancer and other health issues and braved her first solo meeting taking questions from members.

Psychology: Debbie Williams arrived straight from her work in Birmingham as a Clinical Psychologist. We introduced ourselves and Debbie started with a resume of what we talked about on her previous visit in April 2017; our deepest fears often around our lives, our expectations of ourselves and others and our mortality. Debbie explained she has a set of Russian Dolls in her office and she uses them to help patients to understand we all have several layers of self and by recognising and peeling each layer off we reveal more of ourselves. She suggested we begin our sessions with Ground rules of confidentiality and complete trust with what is said in our room stays in our room!


  • The Crokus Group’s AGM is on Sunday 17th September; their speaker will be talking about Animals for Friendship followed by a social gathering with refreshments provided, family and friends are welcome.
  • Peterborough City Council have issued an invitation to Voluntary Sector organisations to contribute to their Market Shaping Event
  • Thanks goes to Carol for printing and delivering PBCSG leaflets to Claire at the meeting.

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