March 2018

Group: Very few of us were able to come along to our March meeting due to the appalling weather conditions, however four of us did turn up including Mauricette who was planning to set off for France later that night. She also told us that she had been accepted onto the Casting for Recovery project run by the Countryside Alliance at the end of April which is being held at the Coniston Hotel and Spa in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Beauty & Wellness: There was no Breast Cancer Specialist Nurse available, again due to the weather, so Denise welcomed Julian Roddis from the Beauty and Wellness Centre based at the Queensgate Hotel on Fletton Avenue.

History Project: Our history photo project which would go into a leaflet/booklet to provide more of a picture of who we are and what we do.  Denise requested that we bring these to our April meeting.

Mammography: Jenny had highlighted the fact that women over 70 did not get invites to attend for mammography and felt this should be highlighted locally

Mentoring: Rosemary had suggested offering face to face mentoring to women going through treatment but it was agreed that first we should have training on how to talk to patients. 

Strawberries: Val asked if we could all start bringing in tombola prizes this year’s Strawberry Tea Fundraiser is  23rd June.

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