March 2019

Nurses: Sadly our Breast Care Nurses were again unable to attend this Meeting due to not having enough staff to cover holidays, but a question was left on the Attendance Sheet by one member although others may have asked questions if a nurse was present. A short & informal discussion took place about surgical procedures like lumpectomy & mastectomy following a breast cancer diagnosis, treatments offered & things like nipple tattooing etc. which may continue when the Nurses return.

Kerry Moore Massage & BeautyGuest Speaker: Kerry Moore came to demonstrate & explain Oncology Massage to us. Kerry has been a Massage Therapist for 24 years. Her partner underwent serious and aggressive cancer treatments, including Stem cell treatment and now has Cancer all over his bones. Normal massage was not encouraged at the time but Kerry was informed by a woman named Jennifer Young who is also a Biochemist, of an Oncology Massage Training programme, which Kerry completed. The main difference is that Oncology massage is a soothing, relaxing, soft touch massage using long, circular and reverse gentle movements over each area of the body. Kerry uses a Biochemist’s range of products, which are simple and nourishing & non-allergen oils such as grape seed oil, etc. She aptly demonstrated this on Eve, our brave member volunteer who was overcome (in a good way) by the experience and reported feeling many of the benefits listed below. Kerry also explained the benefits reported too her by people who’d experienced her massages as:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced nausea
  • Less anxiety
  • Reduced stress
  • Lifting of chemo fog
  • Neuropathy lessened
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced pain. (And Kerry’s favourite...
  • ‘To feel Normal’!

Discussion, questions and answers etc. followed. Kerry explained that she had agreed to volunteer to treat patients from a selected Group at the ‘Well Being’ Centre once the normal NHS screening procedures undertaken by the Hospital’s Trust are completed. We then thanked her for her time and expertise.

Quiz: Val sold us the new Macmillan 2019 Summer Quiz ‘Parts of the Human Body’. Good luck to everyone that completes it!

Future Speakers: We had further conversations about Speakers for future meetings this year and many members, including Kerry, our Speaker, who is a member of an active Women’s Group offered to ask people they know if they’d be willing to talk to us at our meetings.
The following are currently the requirements Denise asks of Speakers to our meetings:

  1. Because we are not a registered charity we do NOT pay any fees or travel expenses to our Speakers but will provide refreshments, water, biscuits & fruit, flip charts and Electrical points for IT/Power Point ‘Talks’, providing we clear this last point with the Holiday Inn first. Speakers are invited to ‘set up’ in the Nurses’ discussion time & leave when they finish.
  2. We currently have the Nurses slot from 7-7.30pm.
  3. Speakers are invited from 7.30-8.30pm, this time must allow for talk, demonstration, questions from members & answers from Speaker.
  4. 8.30-9pm Any/All Business, discussion or just chat amongst ourselves.

Obviously we aim to start & finish on time so please make every effort to help out as the Nurses time is scarce at the beginning & many are keen to get away at the end.