June 2019

Welcome: We welcomed many of our new & old members. Denise gave an update on Gill’s continuing treatments i.e. she was coping excellently with the chemotherapy.

Strawberry Tea: Val has sold several more tickets to members for her final Strawberry Tea on Saturday 22nd June 2019. Thank you Val and everyone who donated or is helping out.

Nurses & Referral Info: Helen introduced Nurse Claire Hall, who explained referrals are triaged when they arrive into the Breast Dept. from GP’s etc... The old 2 week wait is now approximately a 6 week wait which she acknowledges may create anxiety for new patients, but staff/consultants were doing extra clinic sessions every weekend and that creates a bigger demand for Operating Theatre time which is probably at a premium. They have recruited more nurses; another new Breast Care nurse is due to start soon at PCH.  Other staffing requirements need more time to resolve successfully; such as the recruitment of Radiologists & specific Breast Radiographers. Then there is the need to cover extra Clinics at Hinchingbrooke which has joined the Peterborough Hospitals Trust Group. The good news is Screening Services are still recalling ladies every 3 years for their mammograms.

CP Learning TrustNew Leaflets: Thank you to Carole who printed, brought & handed over to Claire, another big pack of our Leaflets for the nurses to give out when each patient finishes their treatments at PCH.

Substitute Speaker: Justin Preston High, Development Worker with the CPLT (CP Learning Trust) came along and helped us to indulge our artistic skills by choosing & threading the beads for and making ourselves Hand Bangles. There was a great buzz & everyone helped those that needed organizing!!

New Event: Linda informed us that on Saturday the 6th July from 11.30-1pm there is to be a Yaxley Coffee “N” Cake morning at St. Beads Hall, Yaxley. This is being organised by a Breast Cancer survivor to raise money to ‘give back’ to PCH’s Breast Unit.  Of course we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to go & try out all those home-made cakes & help to raise money for our favourite department at PCH.

Trip: Helen will be contacting people via email about the proposed Summer Trip to Cambridge. Please look out for her email & respond as soon as you are able.

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