July 2019

Strawberry Tea: Val was happy to report that the Strawberry Tea, she & her family work so hard to put on every year, made us a Total of £520.32. We thank Val & her family for all the preparation, hard work & care they take of all who attend this annual event. The picture below shows Val in her garden, being presented with a Thank You card and gift by the members who were able to attend on behalf of all the current Group members. Conversations about how we were going to spend some of this money considered treating us to  healthy finger food provided by the Holiday Inn for our December Christmas Party/Meeting & the possibility of part funding members to attend a good show locally.



Fit2SewMonthly Speaker: Mandy Benefield, who is a Teacher by profession and has enjoyed making clothes all her life. About 3-4 years ago Mandy undertook a Bra making Course and gets her bra making supplies from a wholesaler in Canada. She brought us samples to examine and  explained how these were made. www.fit2sew.co.uk She explained how a bra could be built then used as a model for T-shirts, swimsuits etc. Most of the group present preferred non-underwired bras & Mandy agreed these can be most comfortable  but stated that often commercially made underwired bras used standard sized wires or bones so they felt less well fitted or even sore. However, everything in the home-made bra would be accurately measured & so fit comfortably & look just as the wearer chooses it to look. Between 3 & 6 members expressed an interest when Mandy offered Bra-making classes. These would probably take 2 hours each week for 5 weeks or 5 1/2 hours over 2 days.


NHS Healthwatch: We received a communication from the Cambs & Peterborough NHS Healthwatch Organisation thanking us for responding to their questionnaire on the 10 year plan setting out all the Government, via Regional Healthwatch Groups, wants Health Services to do for people across the UK as it hopes to invest £20 billion by 2023.

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