August 2019

Nurses: This month’s Representative from the PCH Specialist Breast Care Nurse Team was Lisa who duly answered the questions members put to her. Thank you, Lisa.

New Members: Helen Saggers our current Coordinator, introduced the newest member of our group -also named Helen and next month’s Guest Speaker, Claire Collinson.

Blue Monkey Web supporting PBCSGThis Month's Speaker: Susan Broccoli: Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager from Blue Monkey Web & our Website Manager. Susan held our interest with information and challenges on how to keep our website etc up to date & relevant to all. We currently have approximately 110 followers on our website which is quite low & in order to raise this we need to be more chatty, send in pictures, increase our interaction and post more recommendations. Susan explained the differences between sharing general information, like the Newsletter or recommendations on our website and personal information about our journey through breast cancer diagnosis, treatments etc. which may become conversational or image with or without comment.
Online Group: We discussed the possibility of a Facebook Community Group which would need a Moderator. Jacqui very kindly volunteered & Susan agreed to set it up as a Closed Group.

Website Updates: On the question of which advertisers should appear on our website pages; it was decided that in order to keep our information current we should share our knowledge and experiences constantly and keep this information updated.

Communication & Sharing: Finally it was suggested that we have an Agenda Item on each month re: why we come to PBCSG or how we benefit from coming. We should send in pictures of anything which can be made relevant to our site to raise our currently low profile. Susan said ‘the picture of the back of the head or a pretty flower in the garden - a sign, symbol or picture depicting something appropriate’ may be all you need to send in.

Our new Coordinator: Helen who uses electronic communications in her daily life will discuss and help us decide how this will happen and Jacqui who uses social media on a very regular basis will advance our electronic presence with the help of Susan Brocolli & Blue Monkey Web.

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