September 2019

Nurses: There was no rep from the PCH Specialist Care Nurse Team.

This Month's Speaker: Claire Collinson: Claire gave a very interesting talk about her work. She has been the resident artist at Metal in Peterborough. This is her third city residency; the other two have been Southend and Liverpool. Claire is a visual artist, artist and writer. Claire has had breast cancer and she explained that as soon as she was diagnosed the surgeon spoke to her about reconstructive surgery. She said she felt there was a presumption that this is what she wanted. She said there had been very little time to assimilate the diagnosis before her surgeon got onto the subject of reconstruction.  She said this prompted her to look at this subject from an artistic perspective and in particular explore why there is very little visual art of women who have had breast cancer surgery.  She has been a life model and has also run life model classes for women who have had breast cancer. She showed the Group some professional photographs of women who have had breast surgery.Helen Saggers our current Coordinator, introduced the newest member of our group -also named Helen and next month’s Guest Speaker, Claire Collinson.

Claire’s presentation led on to a varied and interesting Group talk on all sorts of issues: Aryuna mentioned that for those who wanted reconstructive surgery they can be referred to a cosmetic surgeon if they wished. Clare also asked Helen if someone from Buckles could come and give a talk about Lasting Powers of Attorney and will as the last speaker in this was very informative. The Group agreed that would be a good topic.

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