February 2022

It was lovely to see old and new members for our first meeting at our new venue and welcome to Clare who joined us for the first time. 


Thank you to Claire Hall for taking time out of her busy schedule for joining us. Clare joined us as this month's representative from the PCH specialist Care Nurse Team. Clare said she and her colleagues are as busy as ever. The Unit faced challenging times during the COVID pandemic. 


A question was asked about breast screening which had stopped during the pandemic. Clare explained that breast screening for women aged 50-70 is by appointment only. 

Invitations for screening are sent automatically to women up until their 70th birthday. Women aged 71 or over can contact their breast screening unit to make an appointment every 3 years. It is of course important to note though, that if women show breast symptoms they should contact their GP as soon as possible. Catching the disease early is crucial to long term outcome. 


Next Official Meeting:

3rd March 2022 - The Woodman, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough. £2 for coffee or tea. :-)


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