March 2022

It was lovely to see old and new members for our first meeting at our new venue and welcome to Clare who joined us for the first time. 


Our speaker for this meeting was Saima is a nutritionist with Everyone Health Cambridgeshire.
She gave a very informative talk about the importance of a good and balanced diet to promote health in particular during cancer treatment and in assisting the recovery process. She provided an Eat well Guide both for vegetarians and meat eaters (I have copies of these so will bring some along to the next meeting for those who would like to have one). She emphasized a good diet includes lots of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, some protein, milk and dairy and a small amount of fat, salt and sugar. It is important to try and include food such as sardines – rich in calcium to support bone health in particular, as this may be affected by chemotherapy. The issue was raised from a couple of members about the difficulty of trying to eat a balanced diet during chemotherapy and how difficult it is to make changes to your diet when going through treatment. The consensus was to try to eat a little and often.


Next Official Meeting:

7th April 2022 - The Woodman, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough. £2 for coffee or tea. :-)


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