July 2022

Just to remind everyone all future meetings will be held at The Holiday Inn, Thorpe Wood and not at The Woodman Pub, except for the 1st September 2022 when we are having our social event: Meal at The Blue Bell in Werrington, more on this below.


This month’s representatives from the PCH Breast Care Nurse Team were Claire and Emma. Clare confirmed the Unit was as busy as ever. She confirmed that a new breast pain clinic has opened at the Doddington Community Hospital. This will allow a quick assessment and support of women with breast pain only, providing there is no lump or other abnormalities. 


Breast screening for women aged 50-70 is by appointment only up until their 71st birthday. Women over the age of 71 can contact their breast screening unit to make an appointment every 3 years. These do not come through automatically, you should see your GP.


The Group also spoke about chemo fatigue and issues with Tamoxifen and changing from one brand to another. 

A member raised that HeadStrong is looking for volunteers. If you are interested in offering your time let me know and I will pass your name on.


As 3 new members joined us at the meeting, all members introduced themselves and spoke about their cancer experience and where they were at in their treatment plans. As ever it was moving to hear the struggles and triumphs, however small they may seem to be, each member has been through and continue to go through.



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