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In August 2014 there was a Q&A Session. Here is that newsletter for download. Q&A August 2014

October 2012

Thank you to everyone who attended is meeting and to those who were with us in spirit including our Specialist Nurses who were otherwise engaged but responded to the queries that came up at the meeting—responses are set out below.

We welcomed Liz’s friend Joan W who was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer a while ago.

Our Guest Speaker was the highly experienced, gentle, caring Yoga teacher-Louise Guy who took us through our ‘chair yoga’ exercises and relaxation with ease. Some of us used our mats or the floor for parts of the session. We talked about the session after Louise left and the dominant, if not unanimous response was to invite her back for an hour’s session at our February meeting and possibly to other Open meetings.

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September 2012

At this meeting we welcomed Julie, Jane and her lovely daughter Rachael. We welcomed back Gaynor after her recent surgery.

A huge thank you to Linda Woods who used her own time buying and preparing all the materials for us to use in this card-making session. Many of us rediscovered our artistic and practical skills in the production of our cards which we bought for 50p. The atmosphere was relaxed, chatty and flowing, we appeared to be bonding and sharing, which I would define as ideal for a Support Group. People asked to do another session, perhaps making something slightly different in 2013, you’ve got a few months to think about it, Linda!!!

Rita was asked by Breast Cancer Care to hand out application packs to recruit volunteers for Headstrong and gave out three so hopefully when reading through they will think it a worthwhile cause.

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August 2012

We welcomed new members Johanna and Suzie at this August meeting. Suzie’s husband Neil attended too as he wanted to listen to Mr Goh’s talk to enable him to support his wife knowledgeably. Thank you to all who attended during this holiday month, we appreciate your support.

Our guest speaker was Mr Stephen GOH; Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Peterborough City Hospital (PCH) for the last 9 months. He gave a very interesting & informative talk and answered our questions.

Mr Goh began by saying Breast Cancer is thought to be caused by a combination of our genes, lifestyle choices and surrounding environment. Bad luck plays a part too.

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July 2012

Welcome to our new member Alison and the new Breast Care Nurse Lisa.

Nurse Kate Jurkscat came to talk about the Macmillan Day Therapy Service and explained the service it offered, as people now live longer the incidents of cancer is increasing and the service they provide is aimed at empowering people to help themselves. They would like to develop the service further and would appreciate ideas from patients, relatives and carers. They also wanted to develop more group work.

Moving Forward is a 5 week course aimed at supporting cancer patients and is for patients who have recently finished treatment who may need help with employment, financial, social or personal relationship issues. If you feel this is something you would want help with you can be referred by your specialist nurse or GP.

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May 2012

We welcomed 4 new members and our new Specialist Nurse Vanessa along with our familiar Specialist Nurse, Claire & 16 members who were able to get there. We look forward to a good working relationship with our invaluable staff members whose expertise is priceless and to the participation of old and new members.

Our Speaker for the evening was Angela Burrows, Community Development Officer, for LINk-the local HealthWatch group which was established by statute under the Local Government & Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 & follows on from the Community Health Councils of 1974 onwards, to provide a voice for patients & the public in health and social care. It is an Independent Body with monitoring & feedback roles & can influence the planning & delivery of these services.

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April 2012

Thank you to the select members who attended and made this a really lively meeting.

Report from Face2Face Workshops: These were held with Maria at Linda’s home—the ladies who attended enjoyed it and Maria gave each participant a lovely make up travel kit. Linda bought her a lovely Orchid as a thank you and Maria was thrilled.

The Clarins workshops at John Lewis’ were held on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of April. Participants attended & learned a lot about caring for their skin - Thank you, Linda for arranging it all. Anybody interested in finding out more or taking part in future events should contact Linda...

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March 2012

Thank you to everyone who attended this meeting. Welcome to our three new members Helen, Kumud and Natalie and supporter-Lynne.

Helen Harborough kindly left her ailing mum to pop in to update us on the Dragon Boat Racing. Helen is in touch with Dan Clarke, captain of the Cool Runnings dragon boat team in St Neots.

Apparently they are happy for us to go to St. Neots and have a go in their boat; they will help us and make up the numbers of paddlers if required. It is just the start of the season so after they sort out their own clubhouse/teams they will give us a date to go to St. Neots.

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February 2012

Our first meeting of the year was attended by a smaller but enthusiastic group of members. We welcomed back a couple of past members and many regulars. We receive & accept apologies from people unable to attend but don’t minute names because if we leave out a name some people feel we are neglecting or negating their apology.

Nurse Claire Hall joined us with the news that Nurse Emma Dexter was leaving to work as a  Community Nurse nearer her home. We wish Emma well in her new job and thank her for all her kindness, support and help with each one of us individually and to us as a group.

We hope Emma will be at our March meeting so we can thank her personally. Claire should soon have a new colleague as interviews are to be held soon. We look forward to  welcoming the new nurse to future meetings.

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